At the core of MineRP’s Enterprise Integration solutions is SpatialDB – the world’s first standards-based relational database developed with mining-specific features and functionality.

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Implementing SpatialDB allows you to:

  • Centralise your Data – SpatialDB is more than just a document management system for mining files. Rather, the data employed by various mining solutions is deconstructed, transformed and centralised as spatially relevant datasets. SpatialDB removes the need for file servers and allows you to select the relevant information in the relevant space (two or three dimensionally indicated) and deliver it in the correct format to your end user. Strict control and data auditability is maintained throughout the process.
  • Standardise your Data – SpatialDB’s Database Extensions allow you to transform a variety of proprietary data datasets into standardised information, and store it by employing internationally recognized OGC standards for spatial information storage, interfaces and encodings.
  • Connect to a variety of Expert Systems – We do not expect you to use MineRP’s systems exclusively if you wish to integrate and collaborate between mining disciplines. Through the MineRP Explorer and Exchange programs, we intend to establish a complete set of database extensions and connectors that facilitate interchange between mining technical solutions of participating vendors and allow our clients to choose their preferred expert system.
  • Analyse and Report – With all your mining data available in SpatialDB’s central database, you can analyse and report in more ways than ever before. By employing MineRP’s SpatialDash, this data becomes available over the internet anywhere, anytime, and can be used to seamlessly catalogue, manage and derive answers from spatial data contained in SpatialDB.