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Designed specifically for mining CAD requirements, MineCAD, provides engineers with mining specific CAD functionality without the overhead of third party CAD engines.
By taking advantage of existing CAD functionality and applying it for the mining industry, MineCAD is capable of producing true working 3D designs as well as creating fast driving layouts with specific engineering layout tools.   MineCAD also provides a stable base for other MineCAD products offered by MineRP, including MineMarkup, MineRecon, MineHaul, iRing, MineStructure, MineCAD VMS and RMS, MineOrbit and mineCAVE

Some key features of MineCAD include:

  • Easy to learn and easy to use, with customisable toolbars and short-cut keys to maximise productivity
  • Optimised designed for Mining Engineers with a mine design toolset that includes, ramp and pit design, drift wall and solid generation and drift cross-section profile creation among others
  • Fast and responsive graphics engine allowing excellent performance when manipulating large three dimensional datasets
  • Fully featured CAD engine, extended with mining specific functions and tools and advanced functionality to design in 3D
  • Unrivalled industry integration.  MineCAD integrates with a variety of other mining technical systems such as Mine2-4D, Datamine Studio, Surpac, Vulcan, AutoCAD, Microstation, Ventsim and many others
  • Extendable object model allows for programmable integration with third party solutions
  • File or Database based data storage allows for easy scaling from small operations to large enterprise implementations
  • The best printing and plotting capabilities around!

MineCAD Modules

MineCAD Base

  • Available as a free viewer
  • Complete 3D layout capability
  • Extensive polyline alteration tools
  • Annotation and Dimensioning
  • Paper space/viewport approach to plotting
  • Dynamic plot entities (grids and north arrows)
  • Advanced view management features
  • Ability to read/write mining datasources
  • Advanced layer control capabilities
  • Block management utilities
  • VB macro creation and running
  • Digitizer: Integration with CALCOMP digitizers
  • Plot Management: integrated check-in and check-out with automatic backup. Rollback capability.
  • Audit trail automatically generated


MineCAD Underground Presentation

  • Advanced annotation tools
  • UG polyline annotation tools (gradient change, safety bays, ventilation symbols, seismic events, drillhole handling)

MineCAD Underground Design

  • Create complex ramp designs
  • Advanced polyline manipulation
  • Wireframe slicing
  • Projection of polylines to wireframes
  • Polyline Boolean operations
  • Borehole warning routine
  • Block model slice viewing
  • Curve table creation
  • Import seismic and survey data

MineCAD Solids Modelling

  • Linking polylines (both manually and automatically)
  • Solid volumetrics
  • Creation of drift solids
  • Endlinking of polylines
  • Solid slicing to create polylines
  • DTM (tesselation) creation and manipulation
  • Solid Boolean operations (union, difference, etc)
  • Standard CAD solid creation tools (donut etc)


MineCAD Block Model General

  • Create slices through a block model
  • Interrogate a block model using a solid for ton and grade information